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Everest-D V4

  • Everest-D V4 : cut sheet fed braille printer
  • Everest-D's versatile sheet feeder
  • Everest-D Braille printer free standing
  • Everest-D Braille embosser interface

Everest-D V4 is the best selling single sheet fed braille embosser worldwide. Braille on cut-sheet paper is so easy. Cut-sheet paper is available at your local office supply store for much less the price than the expensive fanfold braille paper.

  • 100 characters per second
  • 50 page sheet feeder with NEW sheet fed technology
  • Braille & text labeled interface panel
  • Multi language speech feedback
  • Automatic magazine formatting 
  • Single & double sided braille - the industry standard
  • High Resolution tactile graphics
  • Supports Index-direct-Braille, idB


*Everest-D V4 - The convenience of the automatic magazine formatting of the previous Index 4X4 PRO V3 and with the same standard features and great low price of the Index Everest braille embosser!!

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Everest-D V4 the single-sheet embosser

This is Everest-D V4

Everest-D V4 is the most compelling single sheet fed braille embosser printing single and double sided braille on a flexible range of user defined paper formats; a superb choice for both personal desktop use or braille book production. 

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An even better braille embosser

Everest-D V4 is a complete re-design based on customer feedback and production and service experiences of previous versions of Everest and 4x4 PRO.

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All the extra features you need

Everest-D V4 delivers a desktop braille embosser that is easier to use than ever and jam-packed with meaningful and versatile features. 

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Handling all paper formats and duplexing options

Everest-D V4 has a unique flexibility to handle nearly any paper size including user defined. It may emboss vertically or horizontally, on one or both sides of the paper as well as in automatic magazine format.

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Interpoint Braille

High quality Braille on both sides of the paper, known as interpoint or double-sided Braille, is an Index Braille trademark. 

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A sheet feeder for Braille

Braille on cut-sheet paper is the future. The technological solution of the Braille optimized sheet feeder used in the Index Braille Everest-D V4, is the secret sensation.


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Service advantages

Superb service and support is a good reason to choose Index Braille embossers. Our products are built to last. With few movable parts and robust wear details it makes repair services rarely necessary. However, when needed, most service issues are easily resolved with a simple firmware upgrade or module replacement. And with the help of videos and detailed documentation that are available on the Index website, it's an effortless process.

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for Everest-D V4

Acoustic Hood Everest

Acoustic Hood Everest

Table-based hood for home and office use

The new and improved Acoustic Hood model for Everest-D; providing a 90% noise level reduction when embossing with your Index braille embosser.

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Index Braille Stapler

Index Braille Stapler

A heavy-duty stapler for braille books

The Index Braille Stapler is a heavy-duty stapler in whose design can accommodate for thicker documents such as braille books. It suits nicely braille documents embossed in booklet format using A3 or 11x17" paper, but can be used for any braille documents.

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Paper A3 160 gsm

Paper A3 160 gsm

Cut-sheet A3 paper 160 gsm

Heavy paper suited for Braille books and any other document embossed using booklet format.

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Paper A4 160 gsm

Paper A4 160 gsm

Cut-sheet A4 paper 160 gsm

Heavy paper for embossing with A4 paper on Everest-D. We deliver the paper when you need it - right from stock.

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Latest Firmware

Latest V4 Firmware

Firmware 1.5.4 upgrades BrailleBox V4 with support for graphics and contains a number of important bug fixes. Released: 2016-04-11


Older firmware versions

V4 Firmware 1.5.1 build 66

New in firmware 1.5.1; New Linux image, Service mode during startup of Linux, Synthetic speech interface in Linuz kernel and automatic restore of SD card.






IndexPrint is a drag and drop application for OS X to send preformatted braille documents (.brf, .brl or .txt) and firmware files (.ibe) to the V4 embosser. Tested on OS X version 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.


Speech Tool V4 1.5.37

The Speech Tool V4 is used to make local speech feedback for V4 Index Embossers. It supports the models Basic-D V4, Everest-D V4, Braille Box V4 and Braille & Print.


TeamViewer client software

Index Braille support now has the possibility to give you support with remote control of your copmputer. We are using Team Viewer to be able to give you on-hand support.


Braille Table Viewer 1.0.4

The Braille Table Viewer is used to inspect a braille table generated by Embosser Utility 5. The file extension for a braille table file is *.ebc.





technical specification





2 years

cps/1000 USD


Produced by

Produced by:
Index Braille
Hantverksvägen 20
954 33 Gammelstad


Embossing speed cps

100 cps



Vertical printing (booklet)

Adjustable line spacing

Braille font

2.2, 2.5, 3.2 mm

Tactile resolution

50 dpi

Forming method

13 hammers/anvils

Additional info

  • single & double line spacing
  • high resolution tactile graphics
  • interline & interpoint




Cut sheet fed

Paper roll


Sheet feeder size

50 pages

Paper weight

120-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)

Paper width

5.2-11.7 in

Paper length

4.7-23.2 in

Adjustable paper size

Fixed paper size



45 cm (17.72 in)


56 cm (22.05 in)


18 cm (7.09 in)

Net volume

45.36 dm3 (1.6 ft3)

Net weight

12 kg (26.4 lbs)

Noise level

80 dB(A)

Noise level with acoustic protection

60 dB(A)



USB memory stick

Wi-Fi network

Wired network


Supports mobile devices

Printer driver for Windows

Printer driver for Mac

Printer driver for Linux

Web interface

Free firmware upgrade

Supports idB

Additional info

Easily connected to a computer or braille notetaker.



100-240 V AC

Power max

140 W

Power stand by

5 W

Eco power down

0.05 W

Switched power supply

Additional info

Separate switched power supply.