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Everest-D : A braille label printer

Addressing your Braille Label Needs

Are you in need of braille labels of any kind? Perhaps you need to place a braille label with an adhesive back over something that is printed in ink or you would like to have braille business cards available for your visually impaired or blind customers. Index Braille embossers offer a wide variety of opportunity to create braille labels suited just for your needs. Let me show you how.

The Index Everest-D V4 is a cut-sheet fed braille embosser with a robust sheet feeder in which offers flexible and versatile braille printing layouts and features. Everest-D meets all market and customer demands in one single braille embosser, but one particularly interesting feature is the ability to emboss braille labels.

The Everest-D is a braille label printer / braille label maker additionally, offering high quality braille for all your braille needs. Emboss brailled labels such as:

  • Braille Business Cards
  • Braille Stickers (braille labels with an adhesive back)
  • Pharmaceutical Braille Labels
  • and more...

The vigorous sheet feeder is the heart to such attainability, presenting flexibility of paper weights including plastics and thin cardboard. Generally it is recommended to use paper with a weight of 120-180 gsm (grams per meter squared) with your average braille printer, however with the Index sheet fed technology, the Everest-D is capable of paper weights weighing in up to 400 gsm. Nonetheless, testing for thicker or custom materials may be done upon request. Contact us

Interested in seeing and feeling for yourself? Fill out the Request a Braille Sample form and remember to include a personal message with your needs and inquiry for braille labels specifically. 

How to get started embossing braille labels

In order to successfully create braille labels a few things are needed. 

  • Label paper
    •  (with or without an adhesive back) 
    • For cut sheet paper, standard labels for ink printers can additionally be used. (Ex. first print with an ink printer then emboss braille with a braille embosser - See picture above)
    • some paper manufactures also offer custom label sizes.
  • Software 
  • Index Braille Embosser
    • All Index embosser models support braille label production. Braille label paper used will vary depending on the embosser model (ie. Basic-D uses tractor fed paper, Everest-D & Braille Box support cut-sheet fed paper)

Why an Index Braille Embosser?

Several braille functions all in one embosser. The great thing about using an Index embosser to print braille labels is that there are still so many other useful features in order to print braille for any braille format or layout needs. As a user, you are not limited to a braille labeler only, but supplied with an braille embosser which can additionally emboss quick documents, print notes from a braille notetaker, create high resolution tactile graphics and even produce braille books or other lengthier documents. Return on Investment is quickly earned by addressing all hard copy braille needs with a single assistive technology product.