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Finally mobile braille printing
For me it is obvious that the blind should have the same opportunities as the sighted. That is why our new V5 embossers enable printing straight from your mobile phone.

It is no longer necessary to connect your braille embosser to a computer or to use a braille editor. The V5 embossers introduce the Wi-Fi network port to braille printing. This makes embossing from your smart phone possible. With the Index direct Braille function (idB), it is easier for everyone to print standard documents such as txt, doc, docx and pdf. 

Literacy for all
Literacy is one of the most important things for successful development. This applies to individuals and societies, for the sighted and the blind. I am sad to say that today a majority of the world's blind people are illiterate. This impairs their opportunities in life. For me it is obvious that the blind should have the same opportunities as the sighted.

Index Braille aims to simplify braille printing so that printed braille documents are available for the blind, whenever and wherever they need them. I believe that this will lead to a higher literacy rate among the blind and a higher number of successful blind persons.

Index the global leader
I am proudly introducing the FanFold-D V5, a major milestone to modernize the traditional braille production market. Its excellent performance, attractive features, easy maintenance, and competitive price make it the standard of high-speed tractor-fed embosser for many years to come. With the new FanFold-D V5, BrailleBox V5, Everest-D V5 and Basic-D V5, the Index Braille printer portfolio is complete, supporting all market needs.

Including a powerful Linux computer 'inside' the Index V5 printers opens a window of opportunities, including:
- Index-direct-Braille (idB). You can convert Word/PDF documents directly into literary (Grade 1) or contracted braille (Grade 2), so purchasing a separate braille editor is not required.
- INDEX web-app. A web-app is implemented 'inside' the printer. It supports printing from mobile devices and will also soon be able to preview and edit braille files, view embosser status and settings and enable remote support.
- Acapela synthetic speech. Speech feedback that guides users in many languages.
- Unique embossing options. Print via Wi-Fi, wired network or a USB drive.
- On-demand embossing. Print directly from a USB flash drive, guided by synthetic speech feedback.
- A smart user interface. Include adaptive speech feedback in twenty languages, enabling users to be less dependent on user manuals.
The braille embosser market is small. Every year a few thousand units are produced, slightly more than the annual production of the luxury sports car brand Lamborghini. Playing in a small market we have a lot to win by collaboration.
Since 2015, Index has collaborated with other companies as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of braille printers using Index technology platform.
Our journey continues, aiming towards our goal 'braille printing made easy'. You are welcome to join.

Mr Björn Löfstedt
Owner & CEO Index Braille