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An even better Basic-D

Basic-D V5 has been updated to accommodate to the latest braille techniques and compatibility with mainstream technology in order to remain at the forefront. New features to look forward to in Basic-D V5 are: 
  • Increased printing speed
  • The BrailleApp is embedded; including printing of standard documents (doc, docx, pdf), communication setup, printer managment and edit of printer layout. 
  • Wi-Fi (including braille printing from mobile devices)
  • LED lighting for paper in area
  • Connection to USB memory stick for saving or printing documents, braille settings, layout setting, backing up files
  • V5 control panel with integrated speaker, cords to sensor, LED embossing head lights and back lighted information messages and connected to the main pcb with one flat cable
  • Acapela synthetic speech feedback
  • Wizard for Braille layouts