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Over 25 years of experience

The Index Braille Basic model has been a favorite among Braille users since the 1980's. Basic has had a journey offering different functionalities, but always maintaining its modern attire for its times. In today's V5 series you can find modern features such as; Wi-fi connection, Emboss from USB memory, and for the first time ever Print Braille from mobile devices

Embossing Braille is effortless with this tractor-fed Braille embosser. The fan-folded paper is found to be the most reliable, and therefore, the most commonly used paper style for Braille embossers. 

As always, the V5 embosser series is:

  • easy-to-use
  • built to last
  • includes modern braille printing functions
  • produces quality braille technology
  • (and all available for the best price).

Throughout the past 25+ years on its journey, Basic-D has earned its position as the single most sold Braille embosser worldwide. Over 10,000 Basic-D embossers have been sold and we are not stopping there as we truly believe that our Braille embossers will give you the most out of your investment. 

The history of the Basic-D Braille embosser

In 1988 Basic Blue Bar was developed as a part of our first generation of modern braille embossers. The small, light and efficient Basic was received well by customers from its initial introduction in which propelled for further development.

In 1995 Basic V2 was introduced. Its appearance was much like the Basic model is today; a well-known and much appreciated user-friendly design. The Basic V2 comprised of the Basic-D (double-sided embossing) and Basic-S (single-sided embossing) embosser models. 

Basic-D V3 was released in 2002. During the life of the V3 series the Basic-S model was removed as double-sided Braille became the norm. 

Basic-D V4 introduced in 2011. The V4 platform is one of Index Braille's largest developmental processes in order to follow user demand. Both the hardware and software underwent a transformation that shook the Braille embosser market.

Basic-D V5 introduced in 2016. The V5 platform includes also WiFi/Bluetooth support, USB Host (USB memory stick) connection, an optimized user interface, the BrailleApp for printing standard files, setup and managing of the V5 printer. 

*For the opportunity to view our company storyline, please visit our Facebook timeline. We will even bring you back to the days of black and white.