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Region defined layouts

In V5 embossers the ambition is for each distributor for their region to create and setup the standard Braille layout settings, called distributor default. The setup name will be in the format: country and Master Distributor company name.

Distributor default settings includes:
  • speech feedback language
  • paper size
  • print type (duplexing)
  • braille translation table (for idB) 
  • page layout
    • [In standard wizard; paper size, print type, lines per page, top margin, characters per line, binding margin etc.]
Any setup may easily be saved and/or restored for example to the embedded SD card or an external USB memory stick. 

Customers may easily choose between distributor default settings, factory default settings or user defined. 

Select 1-9 layout options

The layout values define the same setting options as noted above in the distributor default settings and these may be adjusted directly in the V5 embosser in the Standard or Advanced Wizard. 

The number of Layouts (1-5 in V4) may be set to any value between 1-9 layout options to best fit you, the consumers needs.