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Optimized for booklet on large papers

BrailleBox V5 supports A4 and Letter (11X8,5") size paper. However printing speed is reduced and there is a slightly higher chance of paper jams because more time is used for internal paper transport. With Index focus on stability and high braille quality, the printout on A4/Letter size on BrailleBox is less recommended.

A tip for printing A4 books using A3 paper
If the Customer would like to use A4 paper the recommendation it to instead print on A3 paper in booklet style, the folded braille book is an A4 book size.
In some cases the Customer would like to bind the braille book into the form of a regular book and not a booklet-newspaper style (se picture below). This may also be achieved by using A3 paper in booklet format. By setting volume separation to "4 pages", BrailleBox will print the braille text in following way:
1:st A3 paper: Page 1/2-3/4
2:nd A3 paper: Page 5/6-7/8
3:rd A3 paper: Page 9/10-11/12
This continue for the complete book.
Before binding each paper is folded into A4 and binded in the preferred way. 
Setup volume separation in: Menu/ Braille layout/ Edit active layout/ "Go to Volume separation in the wizard and change from no volume separation to 4 pages/ complete the wizard and save the new settings.