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BrailleApp printing and more

In today's world we can now use mobile devices for many tasks that once required computers. Making the V5 embosser line compatible with modern portable devices has been critical to the development process. This concept is revolutionary to the braille printing market as for the first time every, you may emboss braille from your smart phone and tablet by using the BrailleApp. The BrailleApp is available free of charge for all Index V5 printers. 

Begin embossing from your portable device by ensuring that your mobile device and Index V5 braille embosser are connected to Wifi. Then use the BrailleApp for printing, editing, managing and monitoring of your braille printing. Print emails, notes, online content, etc. by saving the text in any standard file format such as doc, pdf, txt or brf. Then emboss braille from your mobile device such as iPhone, Android or Windows phone.