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Easy to understand control panel

User engineering

We have put our users in the center of the design and development process of the user interface in order to connect the hardware and software design successfully to a truly user-friendly experience.

Our result is the V5 control panel which is a local user interface that allows users to:

  • Interact with the braille embosser settings
  • Emboss documents (from USB or embosser memory)
  • Feed paper
  • Get embosser information
  • Open and close the braille tray door
  • Restore previous settings 
  • Set distributor (region) specific default settings
The control panel provides the user complete embosser control and speech feedback (available in many languages).

The backlit text communicates information and warnings clearly. Upon a possible warning message, users may simply press HELP to receive further instructions. The menu control has been adapted to the standard of most modern devices with arrow keys and an OK key to maneuver commands easily.

A cleaner design

The new V5 control panel is an electric PCB. It includes connectors for all sensors, motors and LED lighting and as a result, a need for only a single cable wired to the main board. This provides a much cleaner electric mechanical design element that is required during production and service of the braille embosser. You can read more about the V5 control panel characteristics in our knowledge base.

V5 control panel