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Highest Braille quality

No mechanical adjustment

The dot forming process of Index printers are optimized to remove the necessety of mechanical adjustment and give a long life cycle. In Index embossing head there are only few moving parts. This reduces the risk for failure. 

The dot forming process require significant energy.
Index embossers use a precise dot forming technology where solenoids form the dots against an anvil of hardened steel. The process use transformation of energy from electrical-> movement-> dot forming which makes the position of the pin/anvil less sensitive. There is never any need to adjust the position of the pin/anvil. Index V5 braille dots are perfectly rounded, have the height of 0,50 mm, is easy to read and do not wear with age.  
In all other brands of braille printers this dot forming work is generated by position of the pin/anvil in the dot forming moment. As a consequense the position of the moving parts is chritical and need to be perfectly adjusted to form high quality braille dots.