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Interpoint Braille

Interpoint braille, also known as double-sided or duplexing when braille is embossed on both sides of the paper.

Our high quality braille

Index Braille is well known for our high quality braille dots. Among braille embossers with state-of-the-art functionality, you can expect nothing less from our braille dot-forming technology. BrailleBox V5 exceeds international braille standards for dot size, dot form and spacing.

Index embossers use a precise dot forming technology where solenoids form the dots against an anvil of hardened steel. This method secures the high dot quality. Index V5 embosser's braille dots are perfectly rounded braille dots that are easy to read and do not wear with age. New to the V5 embossers are the V5 solenoids, offering even better Braille quality.

Request a braille sample for an example of interpoint braille and our braille dot quality here at Index Braille.