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USB host port

Print Braille from USB memory

usb connecter V5Connect your personal USB memory stick to the USB host port connector on the V5 Index Braille embosser to emboss standard files using Index-direct-Braille: idB. [ie. emboss without using a computer]

Supported file formats for direct braille printing from USB are:
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .pdf
Available in contracted or literary braille format, the braille translation will be made using the active layout settings selected during the setup of the braille embosser.

.brf and .brl files are supported additionally for printing with idB; however, the translation and formatting come from the original file. There are no changes to the braille signs or formatting. 

Backup and restore embosser settings

Index Braille embossers have many features and layout setting options. This is to enable users to emboss different kinds of braille documents, all available in a single braille embosser. 

Setting options include:
  • Paper size 
  • Print type
    • Single sided
    • Double sided
    • Booklet format 
    • Z-folding
    • Z-folding sideways (vertical printing)
  • Braille page layout
    • Top margin
    • Binding margin
    • Lines per page
    • Characters per line
    • Braille page number
    • Folding line (if using booklet format)
    • Braille translation (language, braille grade and version)
By backing up layout settings to a USB memory stick, users can save any personalized layout settings. Backup layouts can be used for:
  • Restoring personal settings on another Index V5 embosser.
  • Restoring personal layout settings after service. 
  • Localize the setup of a new Index V5 embosser quickly.