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All the features you need

Basic-D is accommodated with new and improved useful functions for a better braille embossing experience. Features include:

  • single & double sided braille embossing
  • horizontal & vertical (sideways) printing
  • use of flexible paper sizes - including user defined
  • portable use - weighing only 7 kg (16 lbs)
  • unlimited multi- copy function

Traditionally, the Index embosser includes all necessary connectivity ports such as network, USB 2.0, headphone and service and serial ports. It is equipped with drivers for Windows and Mac and web interface in order to maneuver the embosser via the internet. The self guiding speech interface is logical and easy-to-use and available in multiple languages

Combine your Basic-D embosser with TactileView design software for high resolution tactile graphics. Your braille graphics options are endless:

  • import complex graphics
  • create tactile street maps
  • draw your own custom graphic diagrams
  • raised art & drawings and more!