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V4 Index embossers have taken a technological leap. The upgrade to V4 is the largest investment ever made by Index Braille. Externally, the Index V4 embosser line appears nearly the same. However, Basic-D V4 and Everest-D V4 are better, faster, easier to use and have a longer life cycle than ever before. In fact, 95% of components in the V4 embossers have been revamped to make Index Braille embossers even better.

Product improvements

User interface

  • User friendly interface making the user manual virtually unnecessary.
  • Several local speech feedback options for all embossers, the feedback language options are user friendly and located on the front panel of the embosser.
  • Enhanced speech quality.
  • The ability to switch the speech feedback language from English to desired language located on the front panel.
  • Energy saving, automatic power down to 0.15 Watt.
  • Embosser status LED feedback on front panel (main board and internal LED light only in Braille Box).
  • Better contrast between the embosser and its parts, making it easier for visually impaired users to adjust for example card/sheet selectors, document out guides and formula tractors. 

Mechanical and electronic hardware

  • Memory cards in the embosser, used for Index programs, manuals, test print samples, drivers and Braille software. 
  • 100 MB TCP/IP network port.
  • Improved mechanical stability.
  • Head phone connector for speech feedback.
  • Switched power supply.

Improved functionality

  • The weight is reduced with about 1.3 kg mainly depending on the use of switched power supply.
  • Braille text buffer 10.000 pages.
  • Copy function with unlimited number of copies.
  • Increased embossing speed.