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Basic Blue Bar was developed as apart of our first generation modern Braille embossers. It was available in two models; classic and advanced. The small and efficient Basic was received well by customers, this encouraged further development.


Basic-D V2 was introduced. It looked much like Basic does today, a well known and respected design. V2 was offered in single or double-sided embossing.


Basic-D V3 took the next step forward. All modern Basic embossers use the latest Braille technology, including double-sided embossing, USB and network support. More than 8000 Basic-D designs have been sold around the globe.


Basic-D V4 was introduced. Index version 4 (V4) Braille embossers are easier to use than ever; with a longer lifespan, simpler servicing options and much more. Basic V4 boasts the best Braille technology available, and will continue to do so in its leading segment for years to come.