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An even better braille embosser

Everest-D V4 is a complete re-design based on customer feedback and production and service experiences of previous versions of Everest and 4x4 PRO. In fact, 95% of the components have been replaced and upgraded for Everest-D though the general physical profile may look similar. The production of the Everest-D V4 is a combination of functions from the previous Index models, Everest and 4X4 PRO V3. 

Everest-D is a more stable embosser compared to its predecessors; it has a lower weight, is easier to service and includes a more reliable paper handling process with the improved sheet feeder.

In addition, Everest-D V4 has a new, user friendly interface with improved speech quality. It is equipped with new hardware and has an increased printing speed. Plus, many more improved features such as:

  • Higher mechanical stability of side plates.
  • The Paper movement rollers are easier to replace.
  • The sheet feeder may be replaced by removing only two screws. (In V3 it was necessary to open the complete embosser before replacing the sheet feeder).
  • The fan is moved from the backplate to the internal montage, granting a clean back plate without cables.
  • The distance of the paper outer level is increased by 10 millimeters, which supplies for a more stable paper outage handling.
  • The internal plastic foils, which hold the paper in position, are replaced by a refurbished corresponding AL-profile.
  • Lower weight - 13.3 kg.
  • Separate switch power supply 100-264 Volts.