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A sheet feeder for Braille

The secret behind a successful cut-sheet Braille embosser is the sheet feeder. The robust sheet feeder vouches for reliable Braille production and the feeding process of high quality Braille on both sides of the paper.

Index Braille has purchased the rights to produce the only Braille optimized sheet-feeder in the Braille embosser market today, giving the Index embossers a considerable advantage over competitor sheet-fed embossers.

Cut Sheet Paper

This sheet-fed braille embosser continues to lead Braille on cut-sheet paper into the future alongside modern day ink printers. 

Braille on cut-sheet paper offers:
  • reduced braille book production time (compared to traditional tractor-fed methods)
  • the usage of standard heavy office paper - this is more readily available as it is found in local supply stores and available for a fraction of the price compared to special braille paper. 
The Everest-D V5 supports a flexible range of paper sizes between 120-590 mm in length and 120-297 mm in width. For ideal braille embossing use booklet format with A3 or tabloid paper sizes. The sheet feeder holds approximately 70 sheets of heavy paper (160 g/m2) simultaneously.

New opportunities

Having acquired the production rights for the sheet feeder in 2006, IndexBraille was given a unique opportunity. The sheet feeder has now been refined for braille production in every detail passing after user demands. The purchase of the sheet feeder for IndexBraille, has given the company the flexibility always dreamed of for the Everest sheet feeder. It is a top quality part of Index Braille Everest-D embossers that will be market leading for many years to come.