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An even better Everest-D

Everest-D V5 has been updated to accommodate to the latest Braille techniques and compatibility with mainstream technology in order to remain at the forefront. New features to look forward to in Everest-D V5 are:
  • Increased printing speed 
  • Wi-Fi (including braille printing from mobile devices)
  • LED light in the embossing head area
  • V5 main electronic pcb has a cleaner design
  • Connection to USB memory stick for saving/reading documents, braille settings, layout setting, documents and backup
  • V5 control panel with integrated speaker, cords to sensor, cord to sheet feeder and fan, LED embossing head lights, back lighted information messages and connected to the main pcb with one flat cable
  • Acapela synthetic speech feedback
  • Wizard for braille layout settings
    • Dynamic HELP information 
    • Wizard for edit layout braille setting
    • Including paper size, duplexing, character per line, lines per page etc
    • Simplified layout setup
      • 1-9 layouts
      • Distributor default layouts (country+distributor name)
      • Backup your layout to USB memory etc.
      • Restore your Braille setting from USB memory etc.
      • Select/edit/add and delete layout from control panel
    • User service menu
      • Paper out settings for Basic-D
      • Paper feed calibration for Everest-D and BrailleBox
      • Paper feed calibration on FanFold-D
      • Adjust distance from sensor to paper edge for Everest-D and BrailleBox
      • Adjust gap between print heads for BrailleBox
      • Adjust stright line for BrailleBox
    • A protected service menu is added
      • Adjustment of braille block position
      • Adjustment of folding line for booklet printing
      • Adjustment of paper out offset on Basic-D
      • Calibration of paper movement step length
      • Reset; to previous layout, to distributor default or to factory default