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High resolution tactile graphics

Floating page printing

The printing core in FanFold-D and other Index V5 printers is a function called 'Floating page'. With this functionthe tactile graphic editor may position the dots on the paper at specific x,y positions.

Braille and tactile graphics on the same page

When it comes to tactile graphics, the text and tactile images may be combined in any position on the page. Floating page function supports any combination of braille and tactile images, e.g. braille inside a tactile image, braille above and below an image.

Minimum dot distance

The graphic braille dot can be placed very closed together (minimum 0,1 mm). However, this is not practical as it usually cracks the paper. Index recommends to have 1,9 to 2,0 mm distance between the dots. As each dot is defined individually, the distance between the dots does not have to be the same. As a result of this, you are able to print a perfect circle or a math graph. 

Fill graphic areas

A challenge when drawing tactile graphic pictures is to define different types of objects for blind readers to understand. Index recommends to use fill function for this. For example, a road object may be filled with horizontal lines and a house completely filled.

Labels on filled areas

When a label with braille is inserted on a filled object, the embosser will remove fill dots in border around the braille text automatically. This is because the braille is easier to read when not distracted by dots close by.