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Support sideways z-folding

Binding of traditional horizontal printed braille

Previously, when a braille document was ready, each braille page had to be separated from the next page and piled in the correct order. This manual process might result in an incorrect binding of braille book.

Binding of sideways z-folding printed braille

Now, with sideways z-folding, the possible mistake during paper handling is eliminated, and the binding process is simplified. This is how it works.
  1. The braille document is printed sideways (vertical).
  2. The pile of printed braille is organized in the book format already in the paper-out tray. 
  3. Turn the pile of printed braille up-side down, with first page on the top and binding margin on the left side.
  4. Staple or bind the left side of the braille pile.
  5. Split the right side paper of the paper stack.
  6. Your braille document is ready.