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This is Basic-D V4

In 2011 Basic-D V4 was introduced, and a new chapter began for this robust, light-weight braille embosser exhibiting an unbeatable price performance. With the V4 embosser line release Index Braille embossers are easier to use then ever; with a longer lifespan, simpler servicing options and a braille quality technology that is unbeatable.

The history of Basic

In 1988 Basic Blue Bar was developed as a part of our first generation of modern braille embossers.The small, light and efficient Basic was received well by Index Braille's customers, which in turn propelled for further development.

In 1995 Basic-D V2 was introduced. Its appearance much like the Basic model is today, a well known and much appreciated design. With the Basic V2 model there was a choice between single or double sided embossing.

Basic becomes best-seller

Basic-D V3 took the next necessary step forward; all modern Index Basic embossers use the latest Braille technology, equipped with double-sided embossing functions, USB and Network support. Since it's release nearly 10,000 Basic-D embossers have been sold around the globe.