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Interpoint Braille

Braille quality is important for any braille user and to have it available on both sides of the paper has become a mainstream standard in braille embossing.

Everest-D exceeds every international braille standard. By producing high quality, perfectly rounded and well spaced braille characters, Everest-D is a market leader. When embossing double sided braille, the reliable dot forming technology coined by Index provides for easy braille document and tactile graphic embossing. 

Index Braille has chosen a more demanding dot shaping technology keeping Braille readers in mind. Round braille dots that do not brake, are easier to read and do not wear by age leaving long lasting Braille at a very competitive price.

Are you curious just how great our braille dots are? Request a free sample of our quality braille produced by the Index embosser of your choice. So go ahead, request a braille sample,  we look forward to hearing from you!