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Firmware 2021-11-17

Highlights: Liblouis 3.19.0 text-to-braille translation is implemented BrailleApp localization in Kazakh, Portuguese and Urdu ...Read more

Firmware 2021-10-18 Hotfix

Improvements in latest firmware update for Index V5 printers are: Bug that stop printing when pressing OFF + FEED is fixed ...Read more

Firmware 21-08-10

Latest firmware is now available for off-line firmware upgrade. Download "embosser-update-2021-08-10.zip" from below ...Read more

Donation 2020 winner

The Blind Relief Association, Delhi, India is the winner of 2020 Index donation program of 1 Everest-D V5 and 1 Acoustic Hood Everest. Read more

Firmware 2020-12-10 Hotfix

Latest firmware release corrected a bug. When printing from the BrailleApp and previewing a document in MIT Ascii the MIT Ascii ...Read more

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