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Contribution to a visually impaired school in Afghanistan

Contribution to a visually impaired school in Afghanistan

Contribution from Index leads to a higher braille literacy rate

Braille printers were donated by Index to a visually impaired school in Kabul, Afganistan in late December last year.

The donation of 2 Everest-D V4 and 1 Everest-D V5 braille printers to the Visually Impaired and Vocational High School in Afghanistan was a part of Index’s contribution to the community.

Contacted by the Executive Director of HEEDA, a not-for-profit organization based in Afghanistan with regards to the school’s needs, Index reviewed the request and committed to support them.

Located adjacent to the American University of Afghanistan, parts of the school were destroyed when the university was attacked in August last year. The school’s Everest-V4 braille printer was also damaged because of the attack and nobody could repair it in Kabul.

The damaged printer was unable to fulfill the demand of the students’ needs as they were preparing for the winter exams.

The donation from Index helped them to have printed braille documents available. In addition to the donation, Index provided support for the school to get the braille printers up and running free of charge.

Founded in 1979, the school has 220 students ranging from 7-63 years old.

According to Björn Löfstedt, CEO and owner of Index Braille, Index supports the community to increase the braille literacy rate.

"The contribution from Index will lead to a higher braille literacy rate among the students so that they can have a brighter future," Mr Löfstedt said.