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IdB, a built-in application in Index V5 braille embossers

All Index V5 braille embossers are pre-installed with idB (Index-direct-Braille), which is a built-in application to print standard files such as .doc, .pdf, .txt, .docx, and .rtf directly without a separate braille editor.
With idB, you can convert files directly into either literary (Grade 1) or contracted (Grade 2) braille. IdB is free of charge and already installed in the version 5 braille embosser range. No registration or license is required. You can emboss files from Windows, Mac or Linux. Sighted persons with hardly any knowledge of braille can also easily print braille now.
Through future firmware updates through internet, additions and braille table changes keep idB up to date.

Index V5 embossers include Basic-D V5, Everest-D V5, and BrailleBox V5.
For more information, please see: Index-direct-Braille (idB).