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Pre-release 21-05-24 Firmware

Pre-release 21-05-24 Firmware
The most important improvement is more languages in the BrailleApp user interface. Following languages are now implemented:
  • Arabic; Cybertech
  • Czech; Spektra
  • Danish; LVI Denmark
  • Finnish: Näköpiste Polar Print
  • French: CECIAA
  • German; Blista Brailletec
  • Indonesian; PT Foyer
  • Italian; Cluster Voice System
  • Japanese; Extra Corporation
  • Korean; Hexon Co. 
  • Malaysian; Index Brailletec
  • Portuguese; Ataraxia
  • Romania; Baum Engineering
  • Spanish; ONCE
  • Russian; Elita Group
  • Turkish; Beyid
Firmware improvements
  • Improved paper out handling in the BrailleBox.
  • Two impact levels, normal and high, are implemented.
  • Latest Liblouis text-to-braille translation tables.
  • Control of paper length is implemented on Everest-D and BrailleBox