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See FanFold-D V5 at CSUN

Visit Index and Index Master Distributor, Irie AT at 32nd CSUN Assisstive Technology Conference in San Diego, USA on 1-3 March.

Watch the demonstration of FanFold-D V5 for the first time ever.

FanFold-D V5 is our newest high-speed tractor-feed production braille embosser based on the well-proven BrailleBox technology platform. It combines excellent dot quality, high-speed embossing, low maintenance cost, and a competitive price. 

In addition to FanFold-D V5, you can see the demonstration of other Index V5 embossers: Basic-D V5, Everest-D V5, and BrailleBox V5.

For further information, please see FanFold-D V5.