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Firmware 2020-05-18

New BrailleApp features Support for securing the BrailleApp website (https) New Label editor feature Nick names for ...Read more

Firmware 2020-02-11

This firmware release includes BrailleApp Features: Maintaining of the original formation when printing from docx ...Read more

Factory Service training

January 20-22 Index had a successful factory service training with participants from Africa, Middle East and Sweden.  

World Braille Day 2020

January 4 is the day that Louis Braille's birthday is remembered. Braille literacy is not offered in most mainstream schools globally. ...Read more

Firmware 2019-12-06

The 25% speed increase on Basic-D and Everest-D is reintroduced. In October firmware release there was a bug that ...Read more

Building almost ready

Index extension for stock and loading is almost ready. Before the end of 2019 it will be in full operation and ready to support you even ...Read more

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