Mar 16, 2017

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Braille business cards

It is easy to print braille business cards on Everest-D V5 using AVERY standard business card form.

Quick and low cost

Quick and low cost
To have braille on your business card is an excellent way to present your organization as a modern and inclusive organization. In the past, braille business cards were made manually or at a braille production house. Both methods are expensive and time consuming. 

With Everest-D V5 or V4, you can create braille business cards youself using AVERY standard business card form. After printing your business cards on a standard printer, you can print braille on the business cards on Everest-D in only a few minutes.

Watch the video on how to print out braille business cards on YouTube below.

How to print on Everest-D

Steps to create braille business cards:
  1. Purchase AVERY C32011 A4 forms. The price is 20-25 Euro for 250 cards.
  2. Print your business cards on a standard printer.
  3. Download the braille business card template file.ibe.
  4. Open the template in Notepad++
  5. Type your personal contact details in the Notepad++ file. Save as 'Your file name.ibe' and then select save as All types (*).
  6. Print the braille on top of the standard print with idB on Everest-D.
Watch the Powerpoint show on how to print braille business cards on Everest-D below.

Everest-D V5

Everest-D V5 is the best choice for cut-sheet paper. It is perfect for home or office use. Everest-D V5 supports a wide variety of paper format available in your local office suppliers.