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Biblos 5 is the document and word Processing software with advanced and customizable braille translator and tactile graphics maker.

  • Combination of regular word processing and braille to generate an easy production and printing process. Now braille production is accessible for everybody, not just for specialists. Biblos supports  all Index Braille embossers;
  • Unicode braille tables that the user can create and customize. Braille codes can be programmed with conditional expressions in order to create any kind of braille. Biblos has already over 30 Braille tables, including contracted Unified English Braille;
  • Tactile pictures anyone can create - including a blind users - utilizing vectorial instructions and complete tactile graphics programming language. You can convert images to tactile graphics from files, scanner or webcam. With Index embossers v4 and v5 you can create tactile graphics until 0.5 mm resolution;
  • User interface in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Brazilian-Portuguese and Croatian. User interface can be customized and localized in any language by using Biblos Interface Editor, an application that has been specifically developed for this purpose;
  • You create audiobooks in MP3 and DAISY;  it has a spell checker, internet services, keyboard maps for ancient greek and much more;
  • Biblos has been developped by a blind person. This ensures the full accessibility and usability of any software part. Technical Support is available through a Facebook group that is innovative, dynamic and cooperative;
  • Biblos 5 is for Windows XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10 (32-bit and 64-bit), completely free of charge.

Author: Giuseppe Di Grande
Web Site: http://www.digrande.it/
Download page: http://www.digrande.it/biblos.asp
Support group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/BiblosBraille
More info: http://www.digrande.it/biblos/default.asp