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CX for Word (Sweden)

More about CX for Word 

There are three different versions ranging from a single user tool to a full grown Braille production utility.
CX as a tool for Braille production has been on the market for more than 25 years.

Among the features of CX are:

  • Multi language capabilities through different sets of tables. Fully implemented languages are: English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.
  • Use of style sheets for different applications
  • A large number of codes that affect the translation process than can be added for the whole or part of a document, such as handling of indents, lists, tables, capitalization, level of contraction etc.
  • Automatic handling of ink print page numbers as well as Braille page numbers for contents.
  • Headers and footers with Braille and ink print page numbers.
  • Display of Braille characters on screen and on ink printing.
  • Built in software Braille keyboard.
  • Drivers for most Braille printers and embossers.
  • Import and export of PEF (Portable Embossing Format)

contact email: calle.bruner@mjukaverktyg.se