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Euler is an application that opens text documents in multiple formats and converts them to braille form. Converted documents can be viewed on a braille display or embossed with a braille embosser. Users can customize almost every aspect of a braille document, and yet working with the program is very easy.
Euler supports the following print document formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, PDF, XLS, XLSX, and TXT.
With Euler you can:
- translate text documents in multiple formats to braille,
- emboss braille documents on Index Braille embossers (support for more embosser vendors coming soon),
- read translated braille text on your favorite braille display,
- edit text documents before translation,
- customize the translation process with user-friendly dialog boxes,
- translate to braille important document elements, like page numbers, tables of contents, headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, lists, and tables,
- convert pictures to tactile form,
- work with multilingual documents,
- edit braille text with a simulated braille keyboard,
- use all program features with your preferred screen reader.

Link to Euler demo download

The demo has following limitations:
- saving is disabled
- only the first page of a document may be embosses 

Coming soon:
- support  for several dozen languages (EUROPE, South America and North America)
- backtranslation from braille to text,
- extensive support for translating and backtranslating math equations, support for MS Word Equation Editor, MathType, as well as popular braille notations (Nemeth Code, British System, Marburg),
- advanced support for editing and printing graphics,
- accessible equation editor,
- integration with MS Office.