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Index BrailleApp-X

The new Index BrailleApp can so far print braille, preview, edit a translated braille document and manage the setup of the V5 printer. 

Index BrailleApp is available in all Index V5 printers, connected to a LAN and upgraded to latest firmware. 
  • Free of charge
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Includes most important functions of a typical braille editor
    • Translation of text-to-braille (Liblouis org system, currently about 150 languages, G1 and G2)
    • Formatting of the braille page
    • Page numbering, volume handling and volume page numbering
    • Editing by six-key in braille preview
    • Editing by text in ASCII preview
  • Intuitive setup. The BrailleApp uses the translation and formatting parameters defined by the printer's active layout.
  • Easy to use, no license or registration is required.
  • Displays status of the V5 printer. Including wired network, WiFi network, Bluetooth and USB Memory Stick if inserted to the V5 printer.
  • Supports all major operation systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Unix.
  • Supports all majors browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox. 

How to connect to the Braille App


  • Index V5 Braille printer (Basic-D, Everest-D, BrailleBox or FanFold-D)
  • The printer is upgraded to Firmware 2018-04-10 Beta.
  • LAN (Local Area Network) is available
  • The Index V5 printer is connected to the LAN with an IP port

Recommended steps to connect the printer to the LAN

  1. Plug in a network cord between the printer and your network. It is correctly connected when the blue wired network icon on the control panel lights up.
  2. Get the IP address of the printer by pressing HELP+10. The printer will now echo the IP address (for example
  3. Open the BrailleApp by typing above IP address in your browser and select functions from the menu.