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Availabe in INFO

Printer information/Information page
Include the same same information as the embosser information page. Most important are embosser model, serial number, number of printed pages, hammer batch and firmware. 

Printer information/Liblouis information
Inform about the version number of the Liblouis text-to-braille translation tables included in the V5 embosser. Press (i) open a link to corresponding Liblouis tables at Github with the detailed translation file. 

Support/ Layout parameters
The layout parameters is a complete list of parameters in active layout. 

Support/ Internal parameters list 
The internal parameter list is typically used by Index support/development. All functions are marked with a time stamp.

Support/ Internal service logs list
Following tabs are available

  • Embosser mode www API include BrailleApp functions
  • Configuration manager controls the embosser settings
  • Embosser is the core function in the embosser
  • Network manager for wired and WiFi network
  • Upgrade manager for firmware upgrad functions

Support/ Package information
This is a long list of all software packages included in your V5 embosser typically used by Index development. 

Links to Index website, Index FAQ and Index Braille Playlist at YouTube are also available.