Enable accessible mode
Enable accessible mode
When login is activated following login levels are available.
  • User (green), only printing
  • Admin (blue), in additional selection/editing of layouts and communication setup
  • Service (red), in addition "protected service" menu with remote support including command center and system details
The login is activated by login icon (top right corner), open "Account settings", mark "Always ask for login" and close the Account setting window. After the login is activated, re-fresch the BrailleApp browser window and the login function is available. 
  • Login as user with default password "userpassword"
  • Login as admin with default password "adminpassword"
  • The service password is available for Index distributors by sending a mail to support@indexbraille.com
To remove password login the user have to be logged in as admin. Now, go to login, select account settings and remove "Always ask for login".

The picture shows a sample of the embosser log file.