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How to print standard documents
  • Select the browse bottom in the BrailleApp home page. Select your standard file (.doc, docx, pdf). 
  • Press "preview". Now the braille text will be presented on your screen,
    • Braille presentation is default. It can be edit by six-key-entry where f=1, d=2, s=3, j=4, k=5 and l=6 or any dot combination combination.
    • MIT Ascii. In this window the braille text is presented as corresponding standard American text. The braille document may be edit with qwerty keyboard. 
    • Text representation generated with the back translation in Liblouis. The text window cannot be edit.  
  • To print, go to Braille reprenentation, select number of copies/range and print it..
  • The edited braille file may be saved in ipf (Index Print Format) by selecting the save icon. 
In addition following menues are available:
  • Print previous document
  • Print from USB memory
  • Print labels
  • Print demo files
  • Print braille manual
  • Print test documents
  • Print service documents