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Requirements for mobile phone printing

  • Index V5 embosser
  • Setup the layout, page size, braille layout, page numbering and braille translation language/grade (idB) in the V5 embosser
  • Connect the V5 embosser to a Wi-Fi network; this can be done with WPS (Wireless Protected Service) setup or as recommended, connect to the embosser to a permanent specified IP address from the router.
  • A smart phone with a modern browser connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the V5 embosser. All smart phones with a browser and connection to file storage (ex. doc or .pdf) are supported.

Steps for mobile phone printing

  1. Connect the phone to the same Wi-Fi network as the Index V5 Braille embosser.
  2. Press HELP+10, the embosser will echo its IP address (example
  3. Open the browser on your mobile device and type the embosser IP address in the search window. After a few seconds the Index web app will appear in your phone presenting the embosser with name, IP address, serial number etc. This function also supports laptops, tablets etc.
  4. In the top right hand corner, select the action icon.
  5. The print window will open at the bottom of the window. Press "Print" and the browser for file window will now open.
  6. Browse to the file you would like to print, it may be in docx, doc, pdf or epub3 format. 
  7. Press on the "transfer to printer" icon, the file will now be transferred to the embosser.
  8. On the control panel of the embosser the idB icon will flash during translation and formatting, normally a few seconds.
  9. During the Braille printing process the idB icon is lighted on the embosser.