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Mac OS X-users: PLEASE NOTE! odt2braille does not work for OS X.8 and above (currently this includes "Mountain Lion", "Maverics" and "Yosemite". Please do not upgrade OS X to these versions if you are relying on odt2braille!

Odt2braille is a Braille extension to OpenOffice.org Writer or Libre Office. In our experience we have found that using odt2braille via Libre Office this offers a better outcome. Odt2braille enables printing documents to a braille embosser and exporting documents as braille files. The Braille output is well-formatted and highly customizable free of charge.

Combined with odt2braille, OpenOffice.org and Libre Office become a complete Braille environment.

Currently Open Office has currently limited support for JAWS.

Price: freeware

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LibreOffice is an alternative to Open Office with similar functionality and have better support for screen readers like JAWS.

An overview of all features can be found on the downloads page.

Link to Libre Office web page

odt2braille is part of ÆGIS, an integrated project funded under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program. ÆGIS aims at embedding open source based accessibility support into every aspect of ICT. ÆGIS does this by providing embedded and built-in accessibility solutions (to improve end-user experience), developer tools (to facilitate development of accessible software) as well as document creation tools (to support document authors in creating accessible information).

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