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Latest V5 Firmware

Latest V5 firmware is available free of charge.

  • Upgrade via internet
    This function is available when the Index V5 printer is connected to a wired or WiFi network port with internet access.
    Select “Upgrade firmware from internet” from the control panel or use the BrailleApp menu.
  • Upgrade from USB memory
    Download the latest V5 firmware from the link in the footer of this page and save it on a USB memory. (file name: embosser-update-yyyy-mm-dd.zip)
    Insert the USB memory to the V5 printer USB-host port. Select firmware upgrade from the USB memory at the control panel or use the BrailleApp menu.

Link to firmware upgrade instruction


Firmware V5: 2020-05-18 includes:

Several new important features for the BrailleApp.
  • Added HTTPS support for the BrailleApp.
    • You can now configure and upload certificates to run in secure mode.
    • The new settings can be found in the Communication page under the HTTPS section.
  • Important new features for the label editor.
    • New options:
      • Label name.
      • Copy and paste text from outer sources.
      • Emboss label edges etc.
    • Use active layout settings when creating new labels:
      • Multiple strokes.
      • Line spacing,
      • Braille cell size
      • Paper size etc.
  • Added names for layouts.
    • Each layout can now be identified by a name, beside the layout number. The default name is defined as a combination betwen paper size and print type.
  • Improved the maintaining of document original settings.
    • Spaces between words within paragraphs are now preserved.
  • Introduced a new menu for Settings.
    • In this section you see the embosser internal time, update the timezone, enable remote support and use the power options directly from the BrailleApp.
  • Added more details on the Information page:
    • Printer Information - Information page, Liblouis information.
    • Support - Layout parameters, Internal parameters list, Internal service logs list, Package information.
    • Links - Website, FAQ, YouTube Playlists.
  • Several minor improvements for accessibility.
Improvements to the embosser.
  • Implemented generic speed up for FanFold and BrailleBox models.
    • Changes to acceleration of print head have been implemented resulting in a substantial speed increase.
      • FanFold 15-20% (depending on speed setting: low, medium, high, draft)
      • BrailleBox 13-15% (depending on speed setting: low, medium, high)
  • Added new high speed draft mode for FanFold Models.
    • Requires hammer batch 1842 or greater.
  • Replaced the internal web server with Lighttpd.
    • Includes HTTP/1.1, Cache-Control headers and SSL support.
  • Page numbers will now be printed using the Liblouis table conversion for digits.
    • The raw files like BRL, BRF, IBE etc. will still be printed using the legacy numbering convetion.
  • EPUB file support is now more stable.
    • Includes fixes for formatting of content and file size limitation.
Improvements to the WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Fixed bug that caused WiFi and Bluetooth to sometimes not work after booting-up.
    • In certain cases this could have led to very long boot-up time.

Hotfix 2020-08-28:

  • Fixed bug that caused printing of multiple files at once to split some of the pages in two.
  • Added support for hammer batch 2003 and 2008.

Hotfix 2020-06-29:

  • Fixed bug that cause word wrap to not work, when printing or previewing DOCX files with option to maintain document original settings enabled.
  • Fixed bug that caused the switch for maintaining document settings to appear as enabled, when it should have been disabled.
  • Fixed bug that caused printing from external electronic devices to not work (e.g. HumanWare BrailleNote Touch and Touch Plus).
  • Created a patch for the Hebrew 6 dot International Liblouis table that solve several problems with number signs.

Hotfix 2020-06-15:

  • Liblouis 3.14 version is now available.
  • Added support for BBZ files.
  • Fixed bug that caused restoring of layouts from keyboard menu to fail.
  • Fixed bug for user defined paper mismatch when printing labels.
  • Fixed bug for wrong calculations of lines per page and characters per line values for user defined paper in the BrailleApp.

Hotfix 2020-06-10:

  • Removed ahdf for FanFold and BrailleBox, that could cause paper jams.

Known Issues affecting the BrailleApp (will be fixed in later release)

  • Documents larger than 4MB results in an error from the uploader 

Details on Firmware V5: 2020-05-18

New Functionality and Improvements

  • Add names for layouts. (FW2-2759)
  • Add option to emboss label edges in label editor. (FW2-3709)
  • Add option to set multiple strokes value in label editor. (FW2-3710)
  • Set line spacing value based on the active layout settings in label editor. (FW2-4048)
  • Allow eight dot label mode, based on layout settings in label editor. (FW2-4034)
  • Add support for all sizes of braille characters in label editor. (FW2-2738)
  • Copy and paste text to label editor. (FW2-3874)
  • Add user defined paper to list of available paper sizes in label editor. (FW2-2820)
  • Set the paper size value based on the active layout settings in label editor. (FW2-4057)
  • Add names for labels. (FW2-4140)
  • Add information for the selected paper size in label editor. (FW2-4141)
  • Limit papers shown in the label editor based on the active layout region. (FW2-4142)
  • Add option to maintain spaces between words within paragraphs. (FW2-3953)
  • Removed advanced option for the label editor. (FW2-4169)
  • Add settings menu to BrailleApp.  (FW2-4022)
  • Set internal date/time from the Settings page. (FW2-4191)
  • Printer information section on the info page. (FW2-3343)
  • Update the Support section on the Info page. (FW2-4110)
  • Show important service log files in the Info page. (FW2-4138)
  • Add links to website, FAQ and Youtube playlists. (FW2-3873)
  • Add option for enable/disable SSL in embosser. (FW2-3713)
  • Add options to internally configure SSL. (FW2-3741)
  • Added SSL support for CRT certificates. (FW2-4127)
  • Upload security certificates from the BrailleApp. (FW2-3467)
  • Add support for QWebSocket SSL connection. (FW2-3677)
  • Replace httpd web server with Lighttpd. (FW2-3359)
  • Add cache-control headers to BrailleApp. (FW2-3467)
  • Implemented generic speed up for FanFold and BrailleBox models. (FW2-2732)
  • Scroll with tab into the radio button groups. (FW2-3964)
  • Add specific tooltips for items within the print page panels. (FW2-3961)
  • Show more information in the browse file section. (FW2-3962)
  • Change the tooltip for Edit button from the preview page. (FW2-3963)
  • Set initial focus for all BrailleApp pages.
  • Page number should be printed with Liblouis conversion for digits. (FW2-4021)
  • Added wall to wall distance property. (FW2-1073)
  • Added automatic check for updates when embosser is starting up. (FW2-4040)
  • Added the possibility to stop embossing internal testpages (e.g. Hammer test page). (FW2-4093)
  • Limit inputs floating values to two digit precision. (FW2-4149)
  • Change the icon accordingly to the update state. (FW2-4155)
  • Add translation to sentence ConnectedToRouterWithSsidNo (FW2-4202)
  • Show error that encrypted private keys are not supported. (FW2-4198)
  • Include layout names in selection lists. (FW2-4193)
  • Verify the version of the offline package on update check.  (FW2-4156)
  • Improved the scaling mechanism for the BrailleApp GUI controls. (FW2-4126)
  • Added check for updates option in the embosser.  (FW2-4120)
  • Adjust max and min values for user defined papers in FanFold-D.  (FW2-4096)
  • Identify if we are using an unsupported browser and show an error.  (FW2-4055)
  • Floating preview should save as ibe.  (FW2-4018)
  • Preview of a document can now export a file as ibe. (FW2-3957)
  • Added option to temporary enable formatting of a document for some internal files, like manual. (FW2-3978)
  • Added adjustable line spacing for 2.2 mm text - Only single sided.  (FW2-3959)
  • Added paper size region Southern Africa. (FW2-3955)
  • Reduced speed to low (or medium) when printing top-of-form page. (FW2-3868)
  • Mounted USB memory that cannot be read by embosser will be shown as red in the BrailleApp. (FW2-3758)
  • Activated arrow down for all models which is used to turn off current on paper feed stepper motor. (FW2-3794)
  • Improved the system start-up time. (FW2-4183)
  • Button in Information page section will now refresh system details, instead of doing an update check. (FW2-4204)
  • Information about paper size is now shown in a table. (FW2-4201)
  • The BrailleApp will be redirected to the new IP address, after running the wired network wizard. (FW2-4187)
  • Leaving empty names for layouts and labels will reset the value to default. (FW2-4215)
  • Limited the number of characters for layout and label name to 250 characters. (FW2-4213)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused HTTPS to not always work on Firefox. (FW2-3966)
  • Fixed bug that caused typing a space as the last character on a line in MIT ASCII mode, made it to disapper. (FW2-3973)
  • Fixed bug that caused switching between WiFi networks resulted in connection loss. (FW2-3930)
  • Fixed bug that caused in wizard Adjust paper out offset wizard the value for Measure the deviation between cutting position and paper perforation to be saved to file, even if it has been cancelled. (FW2-3977)
  • Fixed bug that caused wrong message if basic has a problem with reversing paper when pressing FEED-FEED. (FW2-4019)
  • Fixed bug that caused vertical lines to not be taken into account for preview of labels. (FW2-4038)
  • Fixed bug that caused the offline update button to remain active after the usb media has been removed. (FW2-4039)
  • Fixed bug that caused timeout warning for uploading complete user defined tables. (FW2-4106)
  • Fixed bug that caused multiple connection checks to crash the update-manager. (FW2-4131)
  • Fixed bug that caused connection state with update-manager to not be refreshed in the BrailleApp. (FW2-4132)
  • Fixed error sap.ui.require.preload is not a function when loading the BrailleApp. (FW2-4135)
  • Fixed bug that caused configuration for Lighttpd to be lost after a system update. (FW2-4143)
  • Fixed bug that caused label editor to crash when the active layout has user defined paper set. (FW2-4147)
  • Fixed bug that caused wrong icon color for when updates are available. (FW2-4185)
  • Fixed problem that could lead to update-manager jam when doing a connection check, after the internet connection has been cut off. (FW2-4195)
  • Fixed exception error when uploading fullchain certificates. (FW2-4199)
  • Fixed strange message when updating firmware and emobsser needed to restart. (FW2-4184)
  • Fixed bug that caused WiFi and Bluetooth power set state messages to not be spoken entirely. (FW2-3448)
  • Fixed bug that caused timezone to be shown as GMT-12 instead of GMT+0 - default. (FW2-4212)
  • Fixed bug that caused scroll bar to appear when resizing the browser window in Time panel. (FW2-4214)
  • Fixed problem where Bluetooth printing didn't work at all and timeout was showing for setting changing it's power state. (FW2-4226)
  • Fixed bug that caused maintain of document settings to not work for spaces between words. (FW2-4247)
  • Fixed EPUB size limitation issues and formatting problems. (FW2-4239)
  • Fixed bug that caused WiFi and Bluetooth to sometimes not work after booting-up. (FW2-3871)
  • Fixed bug that caused the label editor to never open the edit settings dialog. (FW2-4229)
  • Fixed bug that caused some EPUB files to not be printed. (FW2-4228)