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Latest V5 Firmware

Lastest V5 firmware is available for all V5 embossers as a direct download via Internet (if the embosser is connected via wired or wireless network).

The firmware can also be downloaded and placed on a USB-memory for off-line updating of your embosser. 


Scroll down for download link.

Instructions on how to update of your V5 embosser.

Please note that if you are updating from an older firmware (older than 2017-02-15) the update process may require one or more extra update steps, i.e., you will need to perform the update two times or more. The embosser will report that the update fails the first time. Please update the embosser again if this happens. After the final try, the embosser will report that the update has succeeded.

Hotfix 2018-12-07:

  • Fixed a bug that removed text-to-braille translation table for French (France),  French (Canada) .


Hotfix 2018-11-16:

  • Fixed a bug that removed text-to-braille translation table for English (US).


Firmware V5: 2018-10-16 includes:

Several new important features for the BrailleApp.
  • User Account selection and management has now been added.
    • ​It is now possible to select 2 different roles: user and admin/service
      • ​Users can print and edit documents but not change any settings
      • admin/service can change all modifiable settings in the BrailleApp.
      • ​It is also possible to set login rules and password settings.
  • Label Printing is now supported in the BrailleApp
    • ​It is now possible to print and create lables in user friendly manner.
    • Labels that have been created can be saved as an .ipf
    • The BrailleApp now allows you to continue editing a label if you navigate from the label page.
    • The BrailleApp can now create labels with rotated text
  • ​User defined Text-to-Braille-Translation tables can now be added.
    • It is now possible to add your own 6- or 8-dot table to translate text to braille. Index Braille uses the tables from the liblouis open source project. You can now add a new table of your own making to test it before adding the table to the liblouis project.
  • Wired network settings can now be configure in the BrailleApp (e.g., setting a fixed IP-address).
  • Keyboard access warning. The BrailleApp now notifies you when changes are being made to the embosser via the menu from the embosser keyboard.
    • ​This avoids accidentally changing parameters while someone is accessing the menu of the embosser.
    • ​The BrailleApp will now update its layouts if a change is made using the keyboard on the embosser.
  • New editing, printing and preview functionality
    • You can now save and directly print Index Print Files (.ipf)
      • Index Print Files (.ipf) is the format that the Braille App uses to save files. The format is obfuscated to increase security.
    • The BrailleApp now supports reading duxbury files (.dxb) and (.ebf). The read file can then be previewed, edited and saved as and Index Print File (.ipf)
    • You can now insert page breaks when editing files.
    • To avoid accidentally editing a preview, you must now select the pen icon to initate editing
    • You can now set the range of pages that you wish to print
    • .brl files are now supported by the BrailleApp
    • Floating page graphics can now be previewed in the BrailleApp.
  • You can now see the meta information about the text-to-braille-translation table that you are using. I.e., source file, language, grade, 6- or 8-dot, ...
  • The Braille App Layout view now contains information about the creator of the layout​
Improvments to the embosser.
  • Chinese word segementation has been added to the IdB conversion process for the Chineses language
  • Liblouis 3.7.0 is now used for the text-to-braille translation.
  • It is now possible to start bluetooth from the embossers menu (via the keyboard)
  • Bluetooth is now off by default.
  • The embosser now also uses speech to notify when an update is available from the internet.
  • Added legacy braille table: ibm437_user_defined_01.ebc
  • Several new translations have been added for new bluetooth controls

Details on release Firmware V5: 2018-10-16

New Functionality and Improvements

  • Add a new section in the Print function for printing lables (FW2-2575)
  • Add security levels for the web app. (FW2-2438)
  • Add wizard for wired network in the BrailleApp. (FW2-2519)
  • Add creator to layout files so we can see who has created the layout (FW2-2563)
  • Add Bluetooth menu to Communication (FW2-2574)
  • The preview can save and print the ipf file. (FW2-2576)
  • Word segmentation for chinese before the file is sent to idB translation with liblouis (FW2-2609)
  • Extract text from Duxbury files (.dxb) (FW2-2637)
  • Add floating page support for brl and brf files in the Braille App. (FW2-2716)
  • Add user defined tables support from the Braille App. (FW2-2718)
  • Inform with speech that an update is available (FW2-2726)
  • Make it possible to choose .ebf files from USB-memory and in the BrailleApp (FW2-2735)
  • Improve the security feature in the Braille App. (FW2-2747)
  • Add firmware version to embosser information page (FW2-2755)
  • It should only be possible to change layout if the status in the printer is idle (FW2-2607)
  • Update liblouis to 3.7.0 in meta-index (FW2-2612)
  • Put the BrailleApp in stand-by mode when the Embosser is not in Idle. (FW2-2657)
  • Configure the httpd server to handle SVG format. (FW2-2686)

Bug Fixes

  • Turn off Bluetooth - Only until we restart the embosser (FW2-2753)