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Latest V5 Firmware

Lastest V5 firmware is available for all V5 embossers as a direct download via Internet (if the embosser is connected via wired or wireless network).

The firmware can also be downloaded and placed on a USB-memory for off-line updating of your embosser. 


Scroll down for download link.

Instructions on how to update of your V5 embosser.

Please note that if you are updating from an older firmware (older than 2017-02-15) the update process may require one or more extra update steps, i.e., you will need to perform the update two times or more. The embosser will report that the update fails the first time. Please update the embosser again if this happens. After the final try, the embosser will report that the update has succeeded.


Firmware V5: 2018-08-07 includes:

Several new important features for the Braille App.
  • New improved edit and preview functionality.
    • You can now add line breaks when editing.
    • You can now see "Binding Margin" and "Top Margin".
    • New icons for switching between edit and preview mode.
    • Correct number of lines and characters are now shown in edit and preview mode.
  • WiFi can now be turned on and off from Braille App.
  • WiFi region can now be selected from Braille App.
  • Printing from USB memory can now be done from the Braille App.
  • Active layout parameters are now shown in the Print tab.
  • Backup and restore of your own modified layouts can now be done from the Braille App.
  • Restore of distributor default layouts can now be done from the Braille App.

Hotfix 2018-08-14:

  • Fixed a bug that removed text-to-braille translation table for English (US).

Details on Firmware V5: 2018-08-07

New Functionality and Improvements

  • Add power options support for WiFi.    (FW2-2392)
  • Preserve the margins formatting in the preview page.    (FW2-2481)
  • Allow the possibility to change the WiFi region in the web app.    (FW2-2483)
  • The BrailleApp should be able to send commands for updating the firmware.    (FW2-2500)
  • Add support for back-up and restore layouts in the BrailleApp.    (FW2-2526)
  • Add distributor defaults for egypt-accessware    (FW2-2422)
  • Changes in Japanese, Extra distributor defaults    (FW2-2480)
  • Replace Czech version 2 table with Czech version 1 table.    (FW2-2547)
  • Add paper size ISO-B4 250 x 353 mm for Everest-D    (FW2-2489)
  • Add paper sizes to US region for Everest-D V5    (FW2-2150)
  • Add A4+ paper for Russia and Kahzakstan    (FW2-2508)
  • Add new Czech translation    (FW2-2491)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem that USB stick does not automount after restart.    (FW2-2440)
  • Wizard for removing transport locking is now translated    (FW2-2492)
  • Fixed problem that Tool-bar and address-bar doesn't disappear when viewing the braille app on mobile browsers.    (FW2-2504)
  • Fixed problem with sending file with bluetooth from Windows    (FW2-2513)
  • Fixed problem that previewing files with white spaces in name doesn't work.    (FW2-2535)
  • Fixed problem that virtual keyboard dissapper on Android devices, when editting in preview.    (FW2-2539)
  • Fixed problem that the mobile version of the BrailleApp doesn't load on iOS Chrome.    (FW2-2540)
  • Fixed problem that the fan turns on and off all the time    (FW2-2560)
  • Fixed bug that caused preview (in braille mode) to show incorrect number of characters per line. (FW2-2606)
  • Bluetooth led light is now on when bluetooth is turned on. Braille App also show when bluetooth is turned on. (FW2-2604)
  • Improved reading of layout files on mobile devices (FW2-2552)
  • Fixed bug that caused layouts to scale incorrectly on mobile devices (FW2-2554)
  • Braille App now notifies the user that editing is not possible on mobile devices (FW2-2558)
  • Accessiblity has been improved for using screen readers with the Braille App (FW2-2568)
  • Enter key now works in the Braille App when editing in preview mode on Android devices. (FW2-2571)
  • Fixed bug that caused line loss when switching to ASCII mode (FW2-2572)
  • Fixed bug that could cause an inserted new line to to not work properly (FW2-2573)
  • Only ascii characters are now allowd when editing in the Braille App (FW2-2619)
  • Host name has been changed to show model name and serial number. This is used when connecting via bluetooth so that you can easily identify which embosser to connect to.
  • Added new translation files for: 
    • ar_ae, cs_cz, da_dk, de_de, es_419, es_es, es_mx, fi_fi, fr_fr, ja_jp, ko_kr, no_no, pl_pl, pt_pt, sv_se, zh_cn.
  • BrailleApp:
    • Fixed cursor blinking in edit mode.
    • Arrow keys now work in preview (braille edit mode).
  • Added Egypt-Accessware to distributor default layouts 
  • Added support for hammer batch 1823
  • Line spacing is now shown correctly and is proportional to the braille font. (FW2-2625)
  • The edit-button in preview is now togglable. Becomes green when active. (FW2-2590)
  • Accesiblity improvements:
    • When selecting a layout, the focus is now moved to the corresponding layout table (FW2-2624)
    • When a succesful connection to a WiFi network is made, the focus is moved to that network (FW2-2622)
    • Fixed bug that caused the focus to move when the list of WiFi networks was refreshed (FW2-2621)
  • Fixed bug that caused the formatting of the printed document to break after having opened the document for preview. (FW2-2661)
  • Led indicator for Bluetooth on embosser now lights up when it is paired via Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is on but no device is paired, then the light blinks. If Bluetooth is switched off, then the light is off. (FW2-2660)
  • Added new speech translations for Russian and Italian. (FW2-2668)
  • Added liblouis table support for Sinhala (Sri Lanka) - grade 1. 
  • Plus several improvements to performace and stability.