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Latest V5 Firmware

Lastest V5 firmware is available for all V5 embossers as a direct download via Internet (if the embosser is connected via wired or wireless network).

The firmware can also be downloaded and placed on a USB-memory for off-line updating of your embosser. 


Scroll down for download link.

Instructions on how to update of your V5 embosser.

Please note that if you are updating from an older firmware (older than 2017-02-15) the update process may require one or more extra update steps, i.e., you will need to perform the update two times or more. The embosser will report that the update fails the first time. Please update the embosser again if this happens. After the final try, the embosser will report that the update has succeeded.


Firmware V5: 2018-04-25 includes:

  • All new version of Index BrailleApp!
    • Printing without a braille editor is now easier than ever before.
  • Fixed support for Japanese braille with the Extra translation engine.
  • Support for hammer batches: 1808 and 1812.

Hotfix 2018-05-16:

  • Fixed an issue which caused embossing from KeyWord on Humanware's BrailleNote Touch to fail.


Details on Firmware V5: 2018-04-25

New Functionality and Improvements

  • The all new version of the Index BrailleApp includes the following new features.
    • Printing from USB memory
    • Layout presentation and selection can now be performed via the BrailleApp.
    • Printing Braille Manuals
    • Totaly reworked and improved user inteface.
  • Support for Japanes braille using the Extra translation motor.
    • Japanese Braille is now available again. The error that caused the removal of the functionality has been fixed.