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Latest V5 Firmware

Latest V5 firmware is available for all V5 embossers as a direct download via Internet (if the embosser is connected via wired or wireless network).

The firmware can also be downloaded and placed on a USB-memory for off-line updating of your embosser. 

Scroll down for download link.

Instructions on how to update your V5 embosser


Firmware V5: 2019-10-15 includes:

Several new important features for the BrailleApp.
  • Adjustable line spacing can now be selected from the wizard for layout.
  • Improved robustness of the edit layout wizard. Modification of parameters now result in correct updating of layout settings.
  • A printing status dialog is now shown when printing documents.
    • This also works with ranges.
  • An update status dialog is now shown when an update is in progress.
  • Added information button about current paper in Print, Braille Layout and wizard for layout pages.
  • Show MAC address for WiFi, Bluetooth and Wired Network in the Communication page.
  • Added volume page number to preview of a document.
  • Improved robustness of the preview of a document, including paste, undo and redo functionality.
  • Added back support for MIT Ascii preview.
    • The preview now has three modes: Braille, MIT Ascii and Text.
Improvements to the embosser.
  • Liblouis 3.11.0 is now used for the text-to-braille translation.
  • Support for BES file format.
    • BES is one of the most popular Japanese braille formats.
  • Implemented generic speed-up for Basic and Everest models.
    • Changes to acceleration of print head have been implemented resulting in substantial speed increase. Basic 12 to 16% and Everest 10 to 12% speed increase.
  • Add new high speed draft mode for Everest and Basic models.
    • Requires hammer batch 1842 or greater.
  • Adjustable line spacing is now selectable from the menu.
  • The embosser now echoes the IP address when you plug in the network cable.
  • The embosser will speak out if a key is pressed while Lock mode is active.
    • Lock mode is active when the BrailleApp is performing editing of layouts.
  • Updating from internet will speak out if there is no active internet connection.
    • Updating from the USB memory will now discover if there is no update package available.
  • Performance improvements for speech feedback.
  • When printing multiple documents it is now possible to instruct the embosser to wait for a key press before continuing with the next document.
    • This feature needs to be selected in the menu first.
  • Added distributor layouts for Finland.
  • Added new distributor default for Voice System.
  • Added distributor defaults for Czech-Spektra.
Improvements to the WiFi.
  • The embosser will now speak when it connects to the WiFi.
  • It is now possible to lock the WiFi region to a preset choice.
  • It is now possible to refresh networks with a button in the BrailleApp.

Hotfix 2019-12-06:

  • Reintroduced partial speed up. The problem that could cause loss of form feeds has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused missalignment of back side for double sided printing on BrailleBoxV5.

Hotfix 2019-11-25:

  • Removed partial speed up (NOT draft speed), since it could cause loss of form feeds for Basic-D V5 models. The issue is being investigated and the speed increase will be added again once the problem is fixed.

Hotfix 2019-11-13:

  • Added Korean, Turkish and Spanish, central america translation files.
  • Added support for previewing old format labels.
  • Fixed support for printing double sided labels.
  • Fixed bug that caused the update busy dialog to remain active forever, in the BrailleApp.
  • Removed Adjustment to linespacing property from the layout preview, if the setting is not active.
  • Removed steps from wizard for removing transport locking.

Hotfix 2019-10-23:

  • Fix bug in ahdf algorithm that can cause a new row to start while the paper feed is running.
  • Fix bug for missing picture on the FanFold-D model, in the Info page.
  • Added Polish translation file.

Known Issues affecting the BrailleApp (will be fixed in later release)

  • Documents larger than 4MB results in an error from the uploader 

Details on Firmware V5: 2019-10-15

New Functionality and Improvements

  • Verify connection with wired network (FW2-1102)
  • Upgrade from internet NOT available if there is NO network connection (FW2-1221)
  • Printing demo files when printer is set to Japanese 2.2 braille results in error. (FW2-1234)
  • Cache speech sentences with speech service (FW2-2855)
  • Implement draft speed (2500 Hz). (FW2-3203)
  • Problem with the Duxbury formatting of content. (FW2-3349)
  • Implemented speed-up for Basic and Everest models. (FW2-3460)
  • Menu - Firmware upgrade from USB memory, handle NO file available (FW2-2028)
  • Print one document, user action to print next (FW2-2697)
  • Set network parameter with a command file (FW2-3017)
  • Add Volume page number to preview (FW2-3268)
  • Printing Active - show message box in BrailleApp (FW2-3269)
  • Notify user in BrailleApp that an update is in progress (FW2-3325)
  • Add information button about current paper (FW2-3337)
  • BrailleApp / Communication / Show mac address (FW2-3338)
  • Show MAC address for Bluetooth in BrailleApp. (FW2-3479)
  • Embosser should speak out a message when locked by the BrailleApp (FW2-3339)
  • Add distributor layouts for Finland (FW2-3352)
  • Add distributor defaults for Czech-Spektra (FW2-3583)
  • Sort the distributor layouts in alphabetical order in restore dialog. (FW2-3377)
  • Add new distributor default for Voice System (FW2-3455)
  • Update Liblouis to release 3.11. (FW2-3461)
  • Re-add MIT ASCII Braille support in the preview page. (FW2-3462)
  • Page in preview is not constant (FW2-3487)
  • If Range is specified for printing a file the message box should show the range (FW2-3500)
  • Improved the page dimension calculations in the preview of a document. (FW2-3487)
  • Handle all states of update in the BrailleApp. (FW2-3432)
  • Added message to notify the user when a new layout has been created. (FW2-3582)
  • Added user_defined_5 legacy braille table for Spanish (FW2-3608)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused empty lines from beginning of page disappear when changing page in preview. (FW2-3443)
  • Fixed bug that could cause offline update to fail. (FW2-3556)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash while navigating through Protected Service menu. (FW2-3518)
  • Improve the speech feedback for the WiFi menu in the embosser (FW2-3114)
  • Fixed bug that caused layout information to not update in Braille Layout page. (FW2-3124)
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused reprogramming of slave. (FW2-1935)
  • Fixed bug that would cause system crash on MENU - PRINT - PRINT TEST DOKUMENT - PRINT BRAILLE LAYOUT (FW2-2985)
  • Fixed bug that would cause FanFold to not light "Out of Paper"-led light when you try to print without paper (FW2-3193)
  • Fixed sentence duplicate for running update. (FW2-3243)
  • Fixed bug that caused error when setting WiFi power from panel (FW2-3266)
  • Fixed bug that caused user defined tables appear in edit layout wizard only after a restart. (FW2-3351)
  • Fixed distributor layouts that were out of date, which crashed the restore. (FW2-3354)
  • Fixed bug that caused layout to be lost when embosser is restarting on Basic-D V5. (FW2-3361)
  • Fixed bug that caused never ending loop if there is mismatch of print processor firmware (FW2-3398)
  • Fixed bug that caused printing labels to overlap the edge of the paper size. (FW2-3426)
  • Removed user defined paper for BrailleBox as it is not valid for this model. (FW2-3429)
  • Fixed bug that caused empty lines from beginning of page to disappear when changing page in preview (FW2-3443)
  • Fixed bug that caused braille volume number to be embossed several times on the same page (FW2-3447)
  • Fixed preview editing in Text mode for Android devices. (FW2-3469)
  • Fixed bug that caused print previous document to not show the printing status. (FW2-3513)
  • Fixed bug that caused removed Liblouis tables to remain active in layouts and the printing failed silently (FW2-3504)
  • Fixed bug that caused users to remain logged in after log out (FW2-3567)
  • Fixed bug that caused preview paste to move the cursor incorrectly (FW2-3569)
  • Fixed bug that caused preview Undo/Redo functionality to not work in all cases (FW2-3570)
  • Fixed bug that caused preview switch into Text mode to fail. (FW2-3610)
  • Fixed bug that caused page number to be lost on the first document printed from the BrailleApp (FW2-3579)
  • Fixed Eiffeltower demofile format of paper (FW2-3577)
  • Fixed bug that caused Add and Delete Layout buttons to become active in user mode (FW2-3606)