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Latest V5 Firmware

Latest V5 firmware is available for all V5 embossers as a direct download via Internet (if the embosser is connected via wired or wireless network).

The firmware can also be downloaded and placed on a USB-memory for off-line updating of your embosser. 

Scroll down for download link.

Instructions on how to update your V5 embosser

Please note that if you are updating from an older firmware (older than 2017-02-15) the update process may require one or more extra update steps, i.e., you will need to perform the update two times or more. The embosser will report that the update fails the first time. Please update the embosser again if this happens. After the final try, the embosser will report that the update has succeeded.


Firmware V5: 2019-10-15 includes:

Several new important features for the BrailleApp.
  • Adjustable line spacing can now be selected from the wizard for layout.
  • Improved robustness of the edit layout wizard. Modification of parameters now result in correct updating of layout settings.
  • A printing status dialog is now shown when printing documents.
    • This also works with ranges.
  • An update status dialog is now shown when an update is in progress.
  • Added information button about current paper in Print, Braille Layout and wizard for layout pages.
  • Show MAC address for WiFi, Bluetooth and Wired Network in the Communication page.
  • Added volume page number to preview of a document.
  • Improved robustness of the preview of a document, including paste, undo and redo functionality.
  • Added back support for MIT Ascii preview.
    • The preview now has three modes: Braille, MIT Ascii and Text.
Improvements to the embosser.
  • Liblouis 3.11.0 is now used for the text-to-braille translation.
  • Support for BES file format.
    • BES is one of the most popular Japanese braille formats.
  • Implemented generic speed-up for Basic and Everest models.
    • Changes to acceleration of print head have been implemented resulting in substantial speed increase. Basic 12 to 16% and Everest 10 to 12% speed increase.
  • Add new high speed draft mode for Everest and Basic models.
    • Requires hammer batch 1842 or greater.
  • Adjustable line spacing is now selectable from the menu.
  • The embosser now echoes the IP address when you plug in the network cable.
  • The embosser will speak out if a key is pressed while Lock mode is active.
    • Lock mode is active when the BrailleApp is performing editing of layouts.
  • Updating from internet will speak out if there is no active internet connection.
    • Updating from the USB memory will now discover if there is no update package available.
  • Performance improvements for speech feedback.
  • When printing multiple documents it is now possible to instruct the embosser to wait for a key press before continuing with the next document.
    • This feature needs to be selected in the menu first.
  • Added distributor layouts for Finland.
  • Added new distributor default for Voice System.
  • Added distributor defaults for Czech-Spektra.
Improvements to the WiFi.
  • The embosser will now speak when it connects to the WiFi.
  • It is now possible to lock the WiFi region to a preset choice.
  • It is now possible to refresh networks with a button in the BrailleApp.

Hotfix 2019-12-06:

  • Reintroduced partial speed up. The problem that could cause loss of form feeds has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused missalignment of back side for double sided printing on BrailleBoxV5.

Hotfix 2019-11-25:

  • Removed partial speed up (NOT draft speed), since it could cause loss of form feeds for Basic-D V5 models. The issue is being investigated and the speed increase will be added again once the problem is fixed.

Hotfix 2019-11-13:

  • Added Korean, Turkish and Spanish, central america translation files.
  • Added support for previewing old format labels.
  • Fixed support for printing double sided labels.
  • Fixed bug that caused the update busy dialog to remain active forever, in the BrailleApp.
  • Removed Adjustment to linespacing property from the layout preview, if the setting is not active.
  • Removed steps from wizard for removing transport locking.

Hotfix 2019-10-23:

  • Fix bug in ahdf algorithm that can cause a new row to start while the paper feed is running.
  • Fix bug for missing picture on the FanFold-D model, in the Info page.
  • Added Polish translation file.

Known Issues affecting the BrailleApp (will be fixed in later release)

  • Documents larger than 4MB results in an error from the uploader 

Details on Firmware V5: 2019-10-15

New Functionality and Improvements

  • Verify connection with wired network (FW2-1102)
  • Upgrade from internet NOT available if there is NO network connection (FW2-1221)
  • Printing demo files when printer is set to Japanese 2.2 braille results in error. (FW2-1234)
  • Cache speech sentences with speech service (FW2-2855)
  • Implement draft speed (2500 Hz). (FW2-3203)
  • Problem with the Duxbury formatting of content. (FW2-3349)
  • Implemented speed-up for Basic and Everest models. (FW2-3460)
  • Menu - Firmware upgrade from USB memory, handle NO file available (FW2-2028)
  • Print one document, user action to print next (FW2-2697)
  • Set network parameter with a command file (FW2-3017)
  • Add Volume page number to preview (FW2-3268)
  • Printing Active - show message box in BrailleApp (FW2-3269)
  • Notify user in BrailleApp that an update is in progress (FW2-3325)
  • Add information button about current paper (FW2-3337)
  • BrailleApp / Communication / Show mac address (FW2-3338)
  • Show MAC address for Bluetooth in BrailleApp. (FW2-3479)
  • Embosser should speak out a message when locked by the BrailleApp (FW2-3339)
  • Add distributor layouts for Finland (FW2-3352)
  • Add distributor defaults for Czech-Spektra (FW2-3583)
  • Sort the distributor layouts in alphabetical order in restore dialog. (FW2-3377)
  • Add new distributor default for Voice System (FW2-3455)
  • Update Liblouis to release 3.11. (FW2-3461)
  • Re-add MIT ASCII Braille support in the preview page. (FW2-3462)
  • Page in preview is not constant (FW2-3487)
  • If Range is specified for printing a file the message box should show the range (FW2-3500)
  • Improved the page dimension calculations in the preview of a document. (FW2-3487)
  • Handle all states of update in the BrailleApp. (FW2-3432)
  • Added message to notify the user when a new layout has been created. (FW2-3582)
  • Added user_defined_5 legacy braille table for Spanish (FW2-3608)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused empty lines from beginning of page disappear when changing page in preview. (FW2-3443)
  • Fixed bug that could cause offline update to fail. (FW2-3556)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash while navigating through Protected Service menu. (FW2-3518)
  • Improve the speech feedback for the WiFi menu in the embosser (FW2-3114)
  • Fixed bug that caused layout information to not update in Braille Layout page. (FW2-3124)
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused reprogramming of slave. (FW2-1935)
  • Fixed bug that would cause system crash on MENU - PRINT - PRINT TEST DOKUMENT - PRINT BRAILLE LAYOUT (FW2-2985)
  • Fixed bug that would cause FanFold to not light "Out of Paper"-led light when you try to print without paper (FW2-3193)
  • Fixed sentence duplicate for running update. (FW2-3243)
  • Fixed bug that caused error when setting WiFi power from panel (FW2-3266)
  • Fixed bug that caused user defined tables appear in edit layout wizard only after a restart. (FW2-3351)
  • Fixed distributor layouts that were out of date, which crashed the restore. (FW2-3354)
  • Fixed bug that caused layout to be lost when embosser is restarting on Basic-D V5. (FW2-3361)
  • Fixed bug that caused never ending loop if there is mismatch of print processor firmware (FW2-3398)
  • Fixed bug that caused printing labels to overlap the edge of the paper size. (FW2-3426)
  • Removed user defined paper for BrailleBox as it is not valid for this model. (FW2-3429)
  • Fixed bug that caused empty lines from beginning of page to disappear when changing page in preview (FW2-3443)
  • Fixed bug that caused braille volume number to be embossed several times on the same page (FW2-3447)
  • Fixed preview editing in Text mode for Android devices. (FW2-3469)
  • Fixed bug that caused print previous document to not show the printing status. (FW2-3513)
  • Fixed bug that caused removed Liblouis tables to remain active in layouts and the printing failed silently (FW2-3504)
  • Fixed bug that caused users to remain logged in after log out (FW2-3567)
  • Fixed bug that caused preview paste to move the cursor incorrectly (FW2-3569)
  • Fixed bug that caused preview Undo/Redo functionality to not work in all cases (FW2-3570)
  • Fixed bug that caused preview switch into Text mode to fail. (FW2-3610)
  • Fixed bug that caused page number to be lost on the first document printed from the BrailleApp (FW2-3579)
  • Fixed Eiffeltower demofile format of paper (FW2-3577)
  • Fixed bug that caused Add and Delete Layout buttons to become active in user mode (FW2-3606)