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Sysconfig file to increase power on embossing head motors

The power on the embossing head motors found in Braille Boxes delivered before the summer of 2012 ran quite low. The effect may result in vertical alignment issues between the embossing heads. This may be solved by sending the "config_braill_box.ibe" file to the embosser via IbPrint. After the file is transferred all setup parameters is set to factory default.


Paper Guide Upgrade kit mounting instructions

The paper arms are now re-designed to avoid the risk of the paper getting stuck in the inner paper guide (arm) front hinge. This hardware improvement is implemented in all new Braille Boxes s/n 54320 and above.


V5 BrailleBox pick-up motor fix

The montage of the pick-up motor on BrailleBox V5 has been made with sligtly too long screews. To solve this potential issue is recommended to ad washers to the two screws. S/n 6549 and above has correct screw length.