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Editing the emb.elt file for Braille labels in Duxbury-X

DBT Intructions:

Editing the emb.elt file
The emb.elt file contains parameters that describe different braille embosser models to DBT.  You will find this file in your DBT program folder (typically C:\Program Files\Duxbury\DBT 11.1).
Instead, make a copy of this file, or parts of the file, into a new text file of your own creation.  Call the new file "myemb.elt" and save it to the same directory as emb.elt itself.  Whenever DBT reads information from emb.elt, it first looks for a file called myemb.elt.  DBT merges the information from the two files internally, giving preference to the parameters in myemb.elt where there are conflicts.
Keeping your modifications in a new file, myemb.elt, will prevent DBT's installer from overwriting your customizations when you use update, modify, or repair an installation.
An Example
The following is an example of how we might add support 5 inch wide by 3 inch high continuous cards, which would fill at up to 14 characters on a maxmimum of 8 lines.  The example shows making this change to the "Generic Interpoint" embosser, but the same technique can be applied regardless of what embosser(s) you actually have.
Before making any changes, we copy the text shown below from emb.elt into a new file called myemb.elt.  The text includes an embosser model name ("Generic Interpoint"), some comments (which are not required), and then some parameters between a single opening brace ({) and a single closing brace (}).  This text, called a "section" of an emb.elt, defines one embosser model.  When copying text from emb.elt to myemb.elt, you should always copy one or more whole sections.  We recommend only copying sections that you intend to modify.
The example shows a letter" a" at the beginning of the added line.  The letter is there for illustrative purposes only.  It should not be part of the statement.
NOTE:  If you add a new form as described above, there is a current limitation of nine characters for the name which is enclosed in double quotes.  (Shown below as "Cards") This name will be displayed in the "Form Name" field within the Embosser Setup dialog.
Also shown with a letter "d" are two lines which could be removed altogether should you have no requirement for 12 inch narrow or 12 inch wide paper.  They would then be removed from the list of Forms when (in this case) a Generic Interpoint Brailler Device was selected.
"Generic Interpoint"
# *** Embosser definition unchanged since 05/20/2004
# no escape sequences used
MaximumCells = 42
MaximumLines = 26
a Form "Cards"=  50 x  30 ; SinglePage ; 14 x  8 ; 14 x  8
Form "10_n" =  85 x 100 ; SinglePage ; 34 x 22 ; 32 x 22
Form "11_n" =  85 x 110 ; SinglePage ; 34 x 25 ; 32 x 25
Form "11_w" = 115 x 110 ; SinglePage ; 42 x 26 ; 40 x 25
d Form "12_n" =  85 x 120 ; SinglePage ; 34 x 28 ; 32 x 28
d Form "12_w" = 115 x 120 ; SinglePage ; 40 x 28 ; 40 x 28