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Getting started with Biblos braille editor-X

First you must download Biblos
  • Run the Biblos installation file
  • Select installation language and click OK
  • Click on accept for license agreement and Next
  • Click Install
  • Click Finish
  • Insert the security dongle

To setup Biblos

  • Click on the icon "Print Braille" on top menu list to open the menu box
  • Click on "Settings.." to change your default settings
  • In "Settings of braille print", generally, it is most important to give correct values for:
  • - Printer Braille - select your Index printer driver
  • - Characters per line to embosser value
  • - Lines per page to embosser value
  • In "Settings of braille print", tab Page, select page numbering etc.
  • In "Settings of braille print", tab Margins and from there you may select margins etc. 

To emboss with Biblos

  • Open a file
  • Click on the icon "Print Braille" and press "Prepare" to translate the document to braille.
  • Press "Preview.." if you would like to control the braille document
  • Press "Print" to emboss the document