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Getting started with Duxbury 11.1 SR4 -Generic-X

First install Duxbury 11.1 SR4 and Index Printer Driver 6.

When DBT is installed to support the Embosser Model "Generic", which is defined in the menu Global/ Embosser setup, the page layouts (Top margin, Lines per page, Binding margin, characters per line, duplexing etc), are specified in the Index embosser. 

In this case, the page layout in DBT must correspond with the page layout settings in the Index embosser. The embosser is the administrator to the page layout settings.

  • When starting Duxbury, select menu Global/Embosser setup.
  • In the Brailler Device section, select New.
  • Scroll to your "Embosser model" for Generic.
  • Give the Setup Name "Generic Everest-D V4 11x17"
  • In Output Options, Check "Send to Printer" and scroll to your embosser driver. Example "Index Everest-D V4."
  • Open the tab "Device Settings".
  • In "Rightmost cell placement" insert the same value as "characters per line" in the "Global: Embosser Setup" menu.
  • This sample is based on 11x17 paper in saddle stitch format.
    Left Margin (first cell) = 1 (Recommended)
    Rightmost cell placement = 30 (the same value as characters per line)
    Top margin setting = 0 (Recommended)
  • Select the tab "Advanced" and select
    End of line indicator = Carriage return, Line feed (PC)
    End of page indicator = Form Feed only 
    Mark the check boxes "EOL on full line" and EOP on a full page.
  • Click OK and return to the embosser setup window.
  • In Global/ Embosser setup menu, select paper size, and see below list.

    For single and double sided printouts the physical paper format will be the same as the paper size (page size) selected in DBT.

    For saddle stitch formatting (magazine style) for Everest-D and Braille Box embossers, you will need to specify the folded paper size. The physical paper itself will be double the size of the paper size actually selected in DBT. For example when using A3 size paper, specify the page size A4 (A4 = 1/2 of A3) or in American standards; tabloid size 11x17 the specified page size will be letter 8.5x11 (Letter = 1/2  of tabloid sized paper). When printing on A3 (297x420 mm) paper, you will select A4 (210x297 mm) paper size in DBT.

Index Paper sizes Duxbury Paper sizes Comments
Letter 8.5x11  Narrow Width, 11 Inch Long Braille Paper  
11x11  Wide Width, 11 Inch Long Braille Paper  
8.5x12  Narrow Width, 12 Inch Long Braille Paper  
11x12  Wide Width, 12 Inch Long Braille Paper  
A4 A4 Braille Paper 210 mm x 297   
A3 Double-sized Folio A3 Braille Paper Typically for saddle stitch format
Everest-D V4 and Braille Box V4
Tabloid 11x17 Double-sized Narrow Folio, 11 Inch Braille Paper Typically for saddle stitch format
Everest-D V4 and Braille Box V4


  • Now specify the paper size and page layout for the embosser located on the front panel.
    Menu/Braille Settings/ Paper size - select paper size
    Menu/Braille Settings/ Braille options - select single sided, double sided, saddle stitch format (Braille Box and Everest-D V4) or sideway z-folding (Basic-D V4)
    Menu/Braille Settings/ Braille Layout - select/ top margin/ Lines per page/ Binding Margin/ Characters per line
    Save the selected values by press MENU
  • Control that the page layout settings are correct on the Index embosser
    Menu/Braille Settings/ Braille Layout - now press HELP and the page layout will be presented in speech format
  • Emboss a format page to confirm page layout on your paper and braille layout settings
    Menu/ Option/ Emboss without computer/ Braille format page/ OK  (Requires Firmware 1.3.7 and higher for correct printout)
  • In Global/ Embossing setup menu specify to the same values as in your Index embosser.
    Characters per line: 30 
    Lines per page: 26
    Top margins in lines: 0
    Binding Margins in characters: 0
    Please do NOT mark the check box "Emboss Banner Page"
    Click OK to finish the global settings. 
    Please note that the highlighted embosser name will be the default embosser.
  • Notice: it is possible to create multiple embossers; for e.g. Everest-D V4 with different settings such as alternative layout and duplexing. It is highly recommended to name the embossers in a significant manner, example "Generic Everest-D V4 11x17" or "Generic Basic-D V4 11x8.5" etc so you are able to identify the correct embosser.