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How to setup a V4 embosser for idB-X

Setup of the V4 embosser for Index-direct-Braille

  1. Upgrade to the latest firmware version for the embosser version. Press HELP to identify the current firmware version. 
  2. Install the latest printer driver for your operating system.

Setup paper size, Braille Option, Braille layout and Braille translation.

On the interface panel of the braille embosser follow as below for each of your settings:

Paper size: Menu/ Braille settings // Select paper size; Select you paper size

Braille option: Menu/ Braille settings // Braille options // and typically define:
a) Duplexing format (single/double sided, saddle stitch binding etc.)
b) Distance between braille line (single or double line spacing)
c) The other functions in Braille Option typically remains the same.

Braille layout:
a) Reduce characters per line to get space for binding margin etc. (Typically the C/L is reduced with 3-4 characters.)
b) Reduce lines per page to get space for top and/or bottom margin. (Typically with 1 or 2 lines.)
c) Set top margin if desired. You may only set the top margin when the selected lines per page are less then maximum lines per page. The bottom margin is given by less number of lines, typically one less, than maximum.
d) Set binding margin. You may only set binding margin when the selected characters per line is less than the maximum characters per line. 

Liblouis setting: Braille translation language and grade
Go to Menu/ Braille settings // Arrow up -> Liblouis setting = Press OK (Echo current Liblouis language and grade). Press OK again to Set your personal braille translation language and grade, 

OK = Set Liblouis table (Current value "your language").
Start by selecting your language by using the arrow up/down button from the long alphabetic list with almost 100 languages available, select by pressing OK.

Now select between the different translation grades tables available in your language by pressing the  up/down arrow and select by pressing OK. The V4 embosser will echo: Liblouis table (your language) & (your grade braille)

The following braille grades may be available:


  • Grade 0 = computer braille no prefix or contractions
  • Grade 1 = literary braille normally with number prefixes and typically with capital letter prefix
  • Grade 2 = contracted braille

Save the settings by pressing "Menu"

The embosser is now setup to translate Word/PDF files into your selected braille language with the selected page layout settings.

Index V3 embosser models and older are not supported by Index-direct-Braille. Competitor products are additionally not supported by idB.