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Print labels with the BrailleApp

Start the BrailleApp go to select Print/ Print labels select:

  • New blank labels
  • New template labels from folder named Presta #####
  • Browse to existing label files in *.ibej, (IndexBrailleEmbosserJason)
Check the label size, position, margins etc in "label settings". Following parameters may be changed:
  • Label name
  • Unit of measure (mm/inch)
  • Paper size
  • Label width
  • Label height 
  • Origin X/Y
  • Horizontal distance
  • Vertical distance
  • Outer margin distance (Extra)
  • Frame dot distance (Extra)
There are three ways to insert text to the label:
  • Copy and paste text from your editor. The text will be translated following the "text to braille translation" setting
  • Select the "Braille" icon and type is with 6-key entry
  • Select the "MIT Ascii" and type it with American keyboard
Press the preview icon to distribute the label text to the page.

To print double sided, click on the "flip to backside icon". The backside text may be inserted in the same way as on front side. 

Define number of copies and press print. 

The file *.ibej is a special format for the print label function in the BrailleApp. It include all parameters and information in the label file. It is supported, and can be saved/opened, by the print label function. 
The file *.ibe is a graphic format supported by Index V5 printers. This file can be printed directly (idB or Embosser Utility) to the printer but cannot opened in the print label function. 
  • Save in the braille label format *.ibej, with the name of your "paper"
  • Save as *.ibej with your personal name in the Print Label format
  • Save as *ibe with your personal name in Index graphic format