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Supported paper format, duplexing and printing directions, Everest-D V4 --

Paper format; width 5.2-11.7 inch, length 4.7-23.2 inch.

Duplexing: single/double sided, single/double sided saddle stitch 4-pages (newspaper format)

Printing direction: Printing directions (vertical or horizontal) are decided by duplexing and paper format options. In newspaper duplexing the Everest will always print vertically.

In single/double sided the print direction is decided by the portrait or landscape paper format. 


A4 paper (any paper with a length of maximum 297 mm)
When the A4 portrait format is selected the printout will be horizontal; portrait.
When the A4 landscape is selected the paper has to be loaded sideways in the sheet feeder and the paper format is changed to A4 landscape in the menu settings. The printout will in this case be horizontal.

A3 paper (any paper with a length of more than 297 mm).
When the A3 portrait format is selected the printout will be horizontal; portrait.
When the A3 landscape format paper is selected the printout changes to vertical which will give a landscape printout on the paper.

Limitations of Braille editors
Currently braille editors typically only support pre-defined paper formats and most of them only single/double sided. In the case when the selected duplexing/paper format (characters/line and lines/page) is not supported it is recommended to setup the same page format (CH/LI, LI/PA) on your braille editor and the Everest-D and make sure no esc sequences is transmitted from the Braille editor.