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User defined text-to-braille tables V5

Steps to upload and select your user defined Liblouis table.
First, make sure your V5 is upgraded to latest firmware and connected to the LAN. You will get the IP number in voice feedback by pressing HELP, followed by 10.
1. Save your local Liblouis table as user_defined_6dot.ctb, (or user_defined_8dot.ctb if it is an 8-dot code) on your PC. 
2. Start the BrailleApp by typing the IP number of your V5 printer in the browser. The BrailleApp user interface is now presented in your browser. 
3. Add user defined table. Go to Braille Layout/ User defined tables/ Add user_defined_6dot.ctb (your table file should have exactly this name); browse to the file and press open. This file will now be loaded in your V5 printer. It is only possible to have 1 user defined table installed on the printer. To install another one, first delete the first one, then install next one. 
4. Selected the user defined table in active layout from Braille Layout/ edit layout in BrailleApp or from the control pane.
5. Test your local table by printing a docx file with the BrailleApp print or idB.
6. Inform Index development about the result of the test printout. 
7. When a new table is correct Index development will include it in next firmware release. After this it can be selected directly on the printer.