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Vertical alignment adjustment V3-X

Adjustments are made by moving the middle dot row, dots 2 and 5.

  1. Press help + multiple. 
    - Echo "help mode 100 start at #.##" (0.00 = default).
  2. Adjust the middle row by 1, 10 and multiple (numerical values). Each step is 0.01 millimeters and increasing values move the middle dot row to the left. 
  3. Press setup to save the adjusted vertical alignment value. 
    - Echo "save #.##"
    - an alignment test page with the adjusted values is embossed.
  4. 4Waves Only
    Repeat step 1-3 for modules 2, 3 and 4 to adjust vertical alignment on all modules.

Checking vertical alignment mechanics

If the above instructions do not give acceptable results please check the following: 
  • Gear wheel, gear bar and spring stretcher  
  • Stepper motor, stepper motor brackets, stepping motor cables and stepping motor drivers
  • Paper movement rollers and formula tractors

For help with the parts mentioned you may refer to the V3 exploded views (formally known as service manual) for part names. See Basic-D V3 or Everest V3