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paper calibration - 4X4 PRO V2-X

These steps refers to any V2 with a serial number of up to 14999 including serial and parallel ports only.

Measure the paper size; the measurement of the paper length in millimeters is needed for paper calibration.
Start the paper calibration by pressing “Item + Power On”
  • Place a stack of paper in the sheet feeder
  • Press ”item” during power on until the embosser beeps 

        - The first sheet will be fed and the estimated paper length will be stated.

  • Give the correct measurement of the paper length in mm, press ”1” = +1 or ”10” = -1 (each step is 0.15 mm). Save the value by pressing ”setup”.
- The first page will be empty and fed through the embosser.
- The second page will be fed and an askew row of braille dots will be embossed close to the paper edge and the embosser will then echo ”give number of dots”.
  • Count the number of dots on the paper. Give the number of dots with ”1”, ”10” and save it by pressing ”setup”.
- A first empty page will be fed through the embosser.
- A second page is then fed with a pre-folding line and an arrow embossed.
  • Verify page layout
        Press the “value” key and the embosser echoes the active page format (lines/page,                characters/line). This information is required when setting up your Braille editor.