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paper calibration 4X4 V3-X

First upgrade the V3 embosser to latest firmware (12.3.5) with Embosser Utility 5

How to calibrate the paper sensor value

Press HELP + GROUP to start the paper sensor value calibration. Echo the current calibration value.

  •  Complete the paper sensor calibration by placing a page against the top rollers between the aluminum covers in front of the sheet feeder and pressing setup. Three different numerical values are echoed;  these are defined as the paper sensor value without paper, value with paper and the value used.

Paper movement calibration steps

1. Select paper size A3 297x420 mm, normally this is setup C.
2. Press HELP + ITEM.
- Echo: "calibration start at (420)"
3. Adjust to the measured paper length with 1, 10 and multiple (toggle between +/-).
3. Press setup to save and start the calibration of the paper movement.
- A calibration page is embossed containing:
Calibration line - one line of Braille dots placed at the top edge of the paper. See photos in the V3 manual on page 24 or below. 

- The new paper movement value is now stored and the Braille page format  will be echoed.